Flowers. Flowers hold the secret keys to fulfillment and beyond. These radiant beings, now amaze me. The intelligence, medicine + power they hold is nothing short of miraculous.

Think about it, or feel into it. Flowers embody the essence of perfection. Have you ever examined one closely. Their order, their grace, their impeccable balance of vulnerability and strength. A strength in arrangement, of stem and core, that allows them to unfold, proudly display their light, while also seemingly giving gratitude to the sun.

Breathtaking perfection to behold. Now, just wait till their energy is coursing through yours. It will change your ability to see flowers, for who they really are. Which, if you allow it, will be shifting to you on every level in relation to how you see yourself, and other people.

Personally, now knowing their true nature, power and medicine, I am taken by the softness, strength, discretion + indisputable beauty which flowers possess. No one has ever called a flower ugly. Further, once you become familiar with the flower kingdom, you’ll learn that no flower is powerless. Each and every one has energy that contributes. Like people…


Did you think flowers were put here just so we would have something pretty to look at? Come on…God is not Martha stewart. As nice a notion as that is, it’s incredibly over simplified. Thankfully, there is way more than meets the eye.

Everything natural on earth works in concert within the intricate system of support. Turns out, flowers happen to be humans best friend when it comes to this system. Flower Essences balance our energy, emotions, and hormones. If you know anything about being human, the health of these three areas make or break your life, and you as a person.


This is such a massive and extensive system, of which I am at the tip, and there are countless resources on the subject, which I will refer to. And as time goes on, and my relationship to the flower essences expands, I look forward to contributing more of my perspective on their medicine. Till there, here I share key inroad ideas to give you foundational understanding of this joyous subject.


“The concept of flower remedies as potent but gentle healers is not new, the knowledge that the flowers of plants hold potent energetic healing qualities is something that the ancient peoples were acutely aware of and utilized to the full in their unique system of medicine. In contrast to essential oils, flower essences are an infusion of the energetic imprint of the flowering part of the plant, what’s known as its unique signature, basically its quality of vibrational healing potential that is suspended in a water and alcohol solution. The art of encapsulating flowers potent healing qualities in water is an ancient practice discovered by indigenous people throughout the world when they noticed that the morning dew on flower petals which had been potentized by the first rays of the sun not only lifted their spirits but also had a profound healing effect on all levels, which made them continue to explore these effects to a greater depth. When you consider that a plants way of guaranteed continued growth and survival is to attract to itself the insect life needed for pollinating and seeding elsewhere, then the highest concentration of the plants vitality would need to be focused in the blossoms in the form of the vibrant display of bright and colourful petals and sweet aromas.” (Original Article).


So, on the deepest levels, we are thrilled to be sharing this powerful medicine with you. Contact us to learn how you can bring this plant medicine into your daily life to elevate your vibe.



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