Cleansing, healing, balancing, protective. Opens heart chakra, attracts love. 
Rose Oil stimulates creativity, assists in letting go. Use for divination and blessings. Rose has been a symbol of love and purity for thousands of years – the petals were scattered at weddings to ensure a happy marriage.

It has also been used in history in meditation and prayer – the story goes that St Dominic (1170-1221) was visited by the Virgin Mary in a mystical vision and received the first rosary – each bead was scented with roses.

From these historical beginnings, rose essential oil is known to carry the highest vibrational frequency. It has deep connections to the soul, also known as the Mystic Rose and the Holy Rose.

Rose oil allows spiritual attunement, perfect for lucid dreamers. It is also known for keeping the heart chakra open and therefore the emotional center open, perfect for lovers. Note: contact us directly to purchase )huntress-life


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