Made especially for HUNTRESS, this Quartz Pyramid is a high-vibrational energy tool you wear to keep good visions flowing. Quartz is known for it’s healing properties, protective energies, as well as is a powerful tool to bring clarity and support focus. The shape of the Pyramid has long been revered for it’s variety of benefits. Among them, pyramid functions as a ‘thought form incubator’ which speaks to us BIG TIME. Since our throughs create things, we love using our Quartz Pyramid Amulet to incubate the amazing life we are creating.

HOW TO USE: Set intentions into motion. During morning meditation, we use our Alter Powders to state our intentions either for the day or for the period of time we are in. We then take a moment to envision the outcome we are creating with clarity. Focus in on one specific moment, that you can see in your minds eye, that let’s you know you have achieved what you desire. Hold theQuartz Pyramid Amulet in your fingertips as you hold the vision you are creating firmly in your minds eye. From there, the point of the Quartz Pyramid guides our thoughts, actions and energies daily toward what we are creating. It’s protective properties keep us on track, guarded from distractions, drawn only to those things that align with our highest good and the good that we are creating. As you gain clarity daily through powerful energy tools you gain clarity, vision + followthrough. More power to ya… !



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