huntress-apothecary-florida-water-soap-huntress-new-yorkFlorida Water is used for spiritual cleansing, home protection and more. Back in the day, some magical practitioners around the Gulf Coast,

where I grew up, used to prescribe Florida Water to dress special horseshoes that were fixed and set above doors to draw prosperity and success. Others gave it as a vital ingredient in spells to get a wandering lover to return home. A quick glance at on old formulary will tell you that the ingredients in Florida Water are perfectly suited to love, success, and peace work in the hoodoo tradition, and of course it’s a nearly indispensable formula for altar work in many religions of the African diaspora.

“Florida Water Soap” is used to clear away negativity, and for spiritual cleansing.   When washing w/ the soap it is a good idea to scrub “downwards” to draw out the negativity as well.  It is made from a mixture of Florals, citrus, and cinnamon. Florida Water Soap relaxes nerves and is a very good spiritual cleanser. Use Florida Water Soap like Holy Water for cleansing, good luck, and protection. It promotes a healthier body, mind, and soul!

No time for a full spiritual bath? At least wash your hands!

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