cosmosCOSMOS | About a year ago I realized that the energy on the planet is different every day, constantly effecting mood, focus and energy levels.

To me, this explained daily horoscopes in a nutshell. I mean – since we each have a cosmic imprint, based on where the sun, moon and planets were when we were born, as the alignment of those bodies ebb and flow daily, our imprints bend and refract, effecting us on visceral levels depending on the predominant energy of each element as it plays upon our birth imprint. Make sense?

Being highly sensitive, and particularly well connected to the outer realms, this explained a lot to me about drastic shifts I have experienced daily all of my life. What a relief to finally have an explanation! Yet, I was still curious about a solution. While I am grateful for my sensitivity, and the wild ride it provides, I enjoy more consistency in my mood, energy and focus field daily. I’m a HUNTRESS after all – committed to creating what I want through visionary focus versus letting the wind blow me around like a gypsy. ( No offense!)

Enter the Vortex. A vortex is a pocket of consistently high vibrational energy, so it supports high productivity. When setting an intention or vibe for the day, it’s easier to ride out + maintain + succeed in a vortex VS an energetic flatland, which could be harder to get a good thing going + maintained in.

Meditation is a way to create our own
high vibe cosmic VORTEX daily.

Depending on how attune you are, you can feel the cosmic shifts daily + learn to harness the forces for good + creative power through meditation. For someone who’s trying to actively participate in their own evolution by setting the tone of their life daily, being in a vortex of consistent energy allows a quickening to that process.

Through meditation, regardless of any overwhelming energies that may be present on the planet daily, choosing to set your energy code high counterbalances random energies and brings your system back into homeostasis + high vibe productivity. I recommend using meditations that contract + ground your energy into the center of the planet with the flow gravity, while also calling in cosmic energy to expand into the space of what you are creating.

For more suggestions on daily meditation tools, be sure to follow our instagram to stay in the loop as we release a series of meditation techniques in the coming weeks to support you on your journey to hunting what you love.

Peace love + light – HUNTRESS


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