We are over the moon excited to bring you our 7 Energetically Charged Altar Powders for each day of the week + Intention Guide to clarify + harness focus.

The days of the week were derived from Latin, which gave astrological assignment according to the ancient order of the planets: Monday (Moon), Wednesday (Mercury), Friday (Venus), Sunday (Sun), Tuesday (Mars), Thursday (Jupiter), and Saturday (Saturn). Each day was believed to have sacred characteristics, based on the God, planet or astral body it was named after. Huntress Alter Powders are ceremonially infused with the color, energy + attributes of each day.

RITUAL: The first step to this powerful ritual is to set intentions based on each days powers. Using words and images, you’ll clarify what you want to create, and visualize your ideal end result in each area.


The incense each hold specific energy, burning them unlocks power to fuel your focus as you sit in prayer, meditation or daily morning ritual. These are perfect to use on an alter, as they harness focus + help you to establish an affirmation or mantra that you can mentally refer back to throughout the day. We all know that our thoughts create things, so the  more we can direct our thoughts, the more we will create in alignment.

These are not fragrant incense, so always plan to burn in a well ventilated area, and always follow the incense burn with our sacred Palo Santo to sweeten the air, energy + your space with it’s holy grounding goodness.


Upon receiving your set, you’ll use the included Ritual Cards to set personal intentions in various areas of your life that align with each day, to clarify + harness your focus. You’ll then infuse each intention with it’s fruition by making a note of “how you will know that the intention has been realized”.

This helps to attain the things you value in life through clarity, versus remaining perpetually ambiguous or vague.


Then, as you burn the incense daily during your morning ritual or meditation, you will refer to your manifesto, and use the power of visualization to see yourself having already achieved each success.
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This is a powerful way to harness focus, imprint your minds eye, and watch the world around you magically change. View more pics of step by step how to use the daily powders in our shop…
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