The biggest misconception about love is that it comes from a relationship. Over and over we say to ourselves… “I want love!!!” Horrified of it’s absence. We believe it is separate from us. That is comes from being with someone. From a man (or woman). From being ‘in love’. From long walks on the beach, at sunset, with a tan. From romantic dinners, toasting champagne over candle light. From having a boy/girl friend. Having someone. And once you are with that someone, you are set. Loooooove is guaranteeeeeed.


Love. The actual vibration of it, can only be generated inside of one’s own being. So – if you are to ever experience the feeling of love, it will be being generated by and will only literally be coming from…
You are the one and only, sole proprietor of and life long generator of the love that you will feel (or not feel) in this lifetime.

If you have a healthy + consistent ability to generate this feeling inside of yourself, that’s awesome. Keep doing that. Then, if you choose to have Romance (which is what a relationship with a partner is, actually) then bring your own love to that romance. Share it. Don’t go to Romance looking for it.

If you are experiencing a lack of that feeling, love, the vibration, then do everyone a favor and stop. In your tracks. Right now. Stop trying to find it outside of yourself, everyone can smell it + it stinks. Go home, close the doors and light a candle and sit with that. That lack. Feel into what ever needs to be healed.

What needs to be healed (let go of, released, accepted, forgiven, heard, spoken, yelled, evolved, cried out, held, raged, parented, expressed, surrendered) will be what comes up when you sit with the lack. Do it. Pen + paper. Let all that pour out. May take an hour, may take a year. Give yourself what ever it takes.

Then, eventually, one day, you will begin to feel a spark. That spark IS love within your self. That sensation of warmth generating inside of your chest cavity, serenity, peace, allowing, knowing, security, safety, thankful appreciation for things + thoughts that grow and feel good inside of you when no one else is watching. When no one is around. When no one else is witnessing, listening or knowing. But you. That is love.

There is no relationship under the sun will provide you with what you first need to develop inside of your own self, on your own, inside of your own being. Got it? Good.

Let’s recap. Before reading this you thought love came from

a relationship (a dude, romance, a partnership)
*notice your words for it mature over time, but love is still
an inside job, changing what you call it won’t bring it in
the world
ice cream



Sure, that list above can grow the sensation that already exists within you, but they are not where love comes from. And some of them can kill you. You are where love comes from. Once you get this, and shift your life to prioritize and continually generate the vibration of love in your own being first, then you can have all types of healthy sustainable relationships with other people. Even ROMANCE, which you kinda thought love was.

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