D E T Ø X : Turmeric Chips

turmeric cumin yellow curry huntress new york ayurveda veganLast month my Panchakarma retreat was a (life altering) re-education on how to be a spirit in a human body. The lessons + breakthroughs are too many to count + to say I’m grateful for the gift it was is an understatement.

Today I’m cooking up one staple Ayurvedic meal – KITCHARI – which is highly detoxifying. In the past I thought to detox you had to avoid eating food, only eat fruit or a liquid diet. But what you learn in Ayurveda is that the qualities + combinations of certain whole foods can actually cause the strongest detoxification process. For those of you who hate starving – this is good news! YUM

While cooking, I was SO inspired by these rich spices, and my craving for a crunchy snack, that I created a new recipe! Came out amazing so here ya go….


- sprouted grain tortillas cut into triangles

- extra-virgin olive oil

- cumin, turmeric, yellow curry, sea salt ( all to taste )

STEP 1: Create the spiced oil by stirring together olive oil cumin, turmeric, and yellow curry, into a saucy paste. Mix enough to accommodate the amount of chips you will make.

STEP 2: Coat each triangle in the oil spice mixture on both sides and lay them flat on a cookie sheet. Sprinkle each individually with a tiny bit of sea salt

STEP 3: pre heat oven to 350 + bake for 10 minutes on middle or lower oven rack

STEP 4: raise oven temperature to 400 and bring the tortillas up to the top rack for another 5 minutes

STEP 5: Remove from the oven and place each chip on a cooling + crisping rack

Keep an eye on these. Cooking times may vary and ingredient amounts are all up to your intuition. Once cooled these little crispy flavor packed chips will rock your world and could not be healthier either!



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